Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Elaborate Plan To Drive Donald Trump Up The Wall

Kimmel joked on Seth Meyers' show about a very drastic course of action should the former president be convicted in his hush money trial.

Jimmy Kimmel on Monday talked about how he plans to torment Donald Trump if the former president is convicted in his hush money trial and then sentenced to prison.

Kimmel, appearing as a guest on Seth Meyers’ “Late Night” show, reminisced about the insults the presumptive GOP nominee has previously hurled his way.

Trump has previously flipped out at both Kimmel and Meyers over their criticism of him on their shows.

Meyers asked Kimmel what would happen if Trump is found guilty at his trial, which is currently ongoing in New York.

“I dream about it. I really hope it happens,” Kimmel replied. “I don’t know what we’ll talk about. It’s really going to be hard to transition back to talking about ‘American Idol.’”

Kimmel then shared his “plan for if he’s convicted.”

“If Donald Trump is convicted and has to go to Rikers Island, I’m going to commit a crime in the tristate area and with the goal of getting incarcerated along with him so I can drive him insane from the inside too,” he explained.

Meyers and Kimmel then riffed on how they could taunt Trump on a daily basis, from talent shows to discussions on old clips of his gaffes.

Watch their exchange here:

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