Kimmel Gives QAnon ‘QAnuts’ A New Trump Prophecy That's Bound To Come True

The late-night host has a bold prediction for Trump believers.

Jimmy Kimmel made a prediction on Wednesday night for QAnon conspiracy theorists that’s a lot different from the “prophecies” they’re used to hearing.

That’s because this one will be true.

He noted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that the latest bogus prediction by the cult is that ex-President Donald Trump will seize the White House on Thursday.

“The theory some of these QAnuts are spreading is that tomorrow will be some kind of reawakening,” he said. “Emperor Palpa-teeny Hands will strike back tomorrow, just like he was supposed to on Jan. 6.”

Kimmel wondered why the cult has any believers at all given how many predictions have failed.

“How many more times are these people going to prepare for a victory that doesn’t come? I don’t know who Q is, but he’s definitely a Clippers fan,” he said, referring to the hapless NBA franchise that’s never won a championship or even a conference title.

Then Kimmel made a bold prediction of his own.

Donald Trump, make no mistake ― and I’ll bet anything on it ― will not be in the White House tomorrow,” he said. “He’ll be at Mar-a-Lago, berating the maid for leaving only one McNugget on his pillow.”

Check out his full segment below:

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