'Jimmy Kimmel' Cruelly Mocks Red Sox Fans By Making Them Wear Yankees Gear

The talk show's one-week run in Brooklyn inspired some rival hate while New York is up and Boston is down.

Jimmy Kimmel Live” returned to Brooklyn Monday for a one-week stay and rolled out some peak NYC trolling of Boston. (Watch the video below.)

It isn’t hard to make fun of the Red Sox and their fans these days, with the Yankees in first place, playoff-bound and pushing Aaron Judge to break Roger Maris’ home run record. Meanwhile, the Red Sox sit in last place.

So, in the spirit of hitting them while they’re down, the talk show stationed a crew outside Fenway Park and attempted to cajole Red Sox supporters into ditching their team merch for Yankees gear.

There was some resistance. One dad said Red Sox support was above “education, morals, religion,” and others barked back with four-letter words.

But, of course, the chance to get on national TV can make people do treasonous things fit for a segment called “Traitor Schmoes.”

Fast-forward to 5:20:

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