Jimmy Kimmel's Vision For Florida's Republican National Convention Is 'Cray-Cray'

The talk show host had a field day with GOP plans to ignore the coronavirus threat.

The GOP’s relocation of some Republican National Convention events to Jacksonville, Florida, got Jimmy Kimmel thinking Thursday how that will play out. (Fast forward to 4:50 below.)

The GOP announced the move because the original site, Charlotte, North Carolina, “isn’t cray-cray enough” to submit to President Donald Trump’s demand to loosen coronavirus social distancing restrictions, Kimmel noted.

But Florida “is not so interested in safety,” the comedian pointed out, hilariously imagining what the “big blowout” would look like.

The mock ad features an announcer promising in a monster truck show voice: “No! Social! Distancing!” and “We’re packing in more mouth-breathing deplorables than ever before!” 

But wait, there’s more! Check it out: 

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