Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He's Behind Another Popular Viral Video

Kimmel gotcha again, America. You just don't know it yet.

If you thought it was shocking when you found out those Internet cats don't actually play piano and talk about Cheezburgers, you might want to sit down for this. 

Jimmy Kimmel has already staged some of the biggest viral videos on the web, including the twerking girl who caught on fire and the wolf walking around the hotel at the Olympics, and now it turns out he's responsible for another of your favorites. Kimmel told The Huffington Post "there are a couple" videos out there still that his show is behind. The only problem? He wouldn't say which ones.

"There’s one that has many millions of views, and we’re waiting for it to make the leap to the news," said Kimmel.

When pressed for hints about the video, the late-night host laughed, "No, I cannot [tell]. It’ll ruin it!" 

Jimmy Kimmel jokes that he's been doing a "half-assed job" recently in preparation for bringing his show to Brooklyn, NY, this week. And it's going to be huuuuge. Guests include Bill Murray, Michael J. Fox and Donald Trump, who will be doing a segment "people will be talking about for four days afterwards." 

It's all exciting news, but the revelation that Kimmel is secretly behind a popular video had us wondering if he's also responsible for another viral sensation, an old-timey picture featuring a Kimmel doppelgänger. Though it doesn't appear to be the case.

The photo was recently posted online and already has more than one million views, according to Imgur. Kimmel says "it’s really weird" how much it looks like him, but he doesn't believe anyone who says it's their grandmother.

"I've been seeing this picture for like four years now, and suddenly it’s somebody's grandmother? I don’t know what the hell -- I don’t think it’s an American. I've never seen an American citizen like that regardless of the era. But, yeah, it does look just like me."

Just to be sure it wasn't him, HuffPost asked Kimmel if he was actually a time traveler, and the late-night host couldn't deny that it was a possibility.

"Maybe. I mean, I'd be the last to know if I was, right? But that could be me in another life. Although I don’t think in other lives you look like yourself."

Staged viral videos? Time-traveling doppelgängers? This is certainly a lot to think about. Oh, and sorry, Matt Damon. We're out of time, but we'll mention you next time, for sure.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" comes to Brooklyn starting Monday at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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