News Anchors Confuse Mickey Rooney For Andy Rooney

WATCH: News Anchors Make Unbelievable Mistake

News anchors were reporting all week on the death of the legendary, award-winning acting star... Andy Rooney?

Yes. A handful of news stations incorrectly reported that Andy Rooney had passed away instead of the Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney. It's true — former '60 Minutes' commentator Andy Rooney did die... in 2011. It appears that two people with similar names passing away within a few years of each other is just too much for some news anchors to handle.

"Those are some great old movies with Andy Rooney," one anchor said.

"Loved Andy Rooney," another newscaster added.

"I grew up with Andy Rooney," said another.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious compilation of the mixup below.

(h/t: FTVLive)

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