Jimmy Kimmel Gleefully Responds To 'My Pal' Sean Hannity's Lawyer Revelation

Is the Kimmel vs. Hannity war of words about to reignite?

Jimmy Kimmel recently called off his war of words with Fox News host Sean Hannity for the good of the nation.

But the comedian just couldn’t resist ribbing “my pal” Hannity on Monday after it emerged in court that he was a client of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is at the center of a probe by the FBI.

“Isn’t that interesting? That he would need advice from Michael Cohen?” Kimmel asked on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Hannity claimed via Twitter that Cohen “has never represented me in any matter” and that he’d “never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees.” Instead, Hannity said he “occasionally had brief discussions about legal questions” with the attorney.

To which Kimmel gleefully responded:

“That sounds normal. He has a lawyer he doesn’t pay. By the way, I’m thinking of hiring Michael Cohen as my lawyer. He only has three clients and apparently, he works for free. He doesn’t take money from anyone.”

Check out the full clip above.