Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Ted Cruz With A New Nickname After Biden Speech Stunt

The late-night host reminded the Texas senator of some very recent history.

Jimmy Kimmel threw another log on the flames of his feud with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday, mocking him for pretending to sleep during President Joe Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night.

Cruz was seen closing his eyes during the address, and immediately after he released a statement calling Biden’s speech “boring, but radical.”

Kimmel couldn’t help but refer to how Cruz jetted off for a vacation in Cancun in February as his state suffered from one of its worst disasters in modern history after a severe winter storm cut power to millions of Texas.

As the footage of Cruz closing his eyes during the speech rolled, Kimmel said he’s “dreaming of Cancun, no doubt.”

Then he offered up a new nickname.

“Lyin’ Ted just turned into Snoozin’ Cruz,” he cracked.

See more in his monologue:

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