Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Weirdest Part Of ‘Sweaty Teddy’ Cruz’s Awkward Trump Photo

The late-night host read the body language in the Mar-a-Lago snapshot.

Jimmy Kimmel resumed one of his favorite activities on Wednesday night, and that’s mocking Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). 

Cruz this week shared an awkward photo of himself having a “great dinner” with Donald Trump at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida: 

“Look at Trump’s body language,” Kimmel observed. “He’s so ready to go.”

Trump, he said, was half off his seat... and disputed Cruz’s claim. 

“Not a chance these two had dinner,” Kimmel said. “He gave Ted Cruz coffee and a glass of water and sent him to the Marriott down the street.” 

Kimmel added: “That table ― that’s where they seat you at a wedding in hell, with those two.”

See more in his monologue: