Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Basketball 'Jinx' Ted Cruz With Lori Loughlin Zinger

The host dunked on the senator after his tweet allegedly cursed Texas Tech in the NCAA championship.

Jimmy Kimmel renewed his rivalry with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday, roasting the lawmaker over what many people said was his jinxing of Texas Tech in the NCAA basketball championship.

Cruz, at the game in Minneapolis to cheer on the Red Raiders against Virginia, issued a cheerleading tweet, noting that Texas Tech led by 1 point with 35 seconds left. That was the kiss of death, according to many fans, who blasted the politician for cursing the team. Tech eventually lost to Virginia in overtime.

Last year, Kimmel and Cruz talked trash at each other and then actually played a game of one-on-one (won by Cruz). But on Tuesday, Kimmel dunked on his nemesis with a Lori Loughlin joke about being a bad luck charm.

Watch the host jam for the win above.