Jimmy Kimmel Expertly Trolls Donald Trump During Oscars, Tweeting 'U Up?'


For a show that started out with a song from “Trolls,” we should’ve known this was coming.

While hosting the 89th Academy Awards on Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel took trolling to the next level, tweeting at President Donald Trump during the show.

Slightly miffed that Trump hadn’t yet tweeted about the show at roughly the halfway mark — despite Kimmel’s repeated shots at the new president — the host took the initiative and tweeted at Trump, “u up?”

The Twitter silence from Trump is a little surprising, considering how Kimmel roasted the president throughout the night, saying things like, “I want to say thank you to President Trump. I mean, remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist?” in the opening monologue.

Following Kimmel’s joke, former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweeted that the president was “busy” meeting with governors of the nation.

Other responsibilities haven’t seemed to stop the president from sharing his opinion on other pop culture matters before, however. Trump notably called Meryl Streep “over-rated” after she spoke out about him at the Golden Globes.

Just to make sure Trump didn’t forget about that, Kimmel also typed in #MerylSaysHi.

That’s awful nice of her, right?

New troll achievement: unlocked.



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