Jimmy Kimmel Has To Laugh At Trump’s Biggest Lie Yet: ‘That Was A Good One’

The late-night host spots a whopper during the ex-president's latest gripe-fest.

Donald Trump told 30,573 lies during his time as president, according to a Washington Post tally, but late-night host Jimmy Kimmel spotted what might be the biggest one yet.

Trump on Friday griped about the Justice Department’s decision to appoint a special counsel in the ongoing investigations against him.

“Over the years, I’ve given millions and millions of pages of documents, tax returns and everything else, and they have found nothing,” Trump insisted. “Which means I’ve proven to be one of the most honest and innocent people ever in our country.”

The Kimmel audience laughed ― and so did Kimmel.

“You have to admit, that was funny,” Kimmel said. “That was a good one, right?”

See more in his Monday night monologue:

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