Kimmel Dings Donald Trump Jr. With Brutal 1-Liner About His Dad's Tour With Bill O'Reilly

The comedian explained why the ex-president's gigs with the disgraced former Fox News personality are typical Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at a reportedly less than well-attended Florida leg of ex-President Donald Trump’s tour with disgraced former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly.

“If the place was any emptier, it would be Don Jr.’s head,” the comedian joked Monday night. “It was disappointing to say the least.”

Kimmel then explained why the pricing strategy for the show — which saw tickets that initially cost up to $300 eventually being given away — was trademark Trump.

“At first they’re considered to be valuable, then everyone realizes they are garbage. We’ve seen this with his ties, his steaks, his university, his children,” he cracked.

Watch the video here:

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