Jimmy Kimmel Taunts Trump With A Biting Reminder Of 1 Of His Biggest Failures

The late-night host points out what "we sometimes forget" about the former president.

Jimmy Kimmel described former President Donald Trump’s new social media network as a “total disaster” that was plagued by a number of technical difficulties right out of the gate.

Truth Social has been such a disappointment so far, Trump may have to rename it to ‘Don Jr.,’” Kimmel cracked on Tuesday night.

One error page claimed the site was down due to “massive demand,” but Kimmel wasn’t buying it.

“It’s like Trump designed a bridge that collapsed and said, ‘Oh my bridge was just too popular, too many people wanted to drive on my fantastic bridge,’” Kimmel said.

Kimmel also noted that even the site’s logo was running into problems as it’s a near-identical copy of the logo for Trailar, a UK-based solar trucking company.

“You know, there’s a lot of conversation about Trump being a fascist and trying to overthrow an election, all that stuff, and rightfully so,” Kimmel said. “But I think we sometimes forget, he’s a terrible businessman, too.”

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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