Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Most Uncomfortable Moment Of Latest Trump Event

The late night host found that the ex-president wasn't exactly mindful of his audience.

Jimmy Kimmel on Monday found a strange Donald Trump appearance hosted by a Florida fan club, where tickets included a discount for Tony Roma’s ribs.

“For real,” Kimmel insisted.

Indeed, the Club 45 website says that members enjoy a discount at the Tony Roma’s in the Hilton Palm Beach Airport hotel, where the group meets and where Trump spoke to them on Monday.

Kimmel noted that the event included a 5-year-old girl asking a question about inflation ― and that the girl was still there, watching, when Trump went on a tangent about rape, using the word over and over again as he warned about the supposed dangers of immigrants during a xenophobic rant.

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

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