Jimmy Kimmel Finally Gets The Answer To The Trump Question He Asked 4 Years Ago

The late-night host also gives the former president a musical sendoff.

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the departure of “crazy ex-POTUS” Donald Trump, who left Washington on Wednesday morning, hours before President Joe Biden was sworn in.

“I remember going back to the day Trump was inaugurated, such a terrible day, and wondering, ‘Can our country even survive four years of this?’” Kimmel said. “And now we know the answer: Not really. Just barely. But we made it.” 

Still, Kimmel said Biden’s inauguration showed the world that there was “no MyPillow large enough to smother our democracy.” 

Kimmel took a look at the day’s events, from Trump’s departure to Biden taking the oath of office, and concluded with a wild musical sendoff featuring America’s national monuments coming alive to celebrate to the tune of Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Good Bye.” 

Check it out below: