Jimmy Kimmel Names And Shames The State That Wasted $2 Million Sucking Up To Trump

And the late-night host has a suggestion for the state in question.

Jimmy Kimmel said the unproven coronavirus treatment pushed last year by then-President Donald Trump ― and parroted by right-wing media ― is officially a bust. And now one state is $2 million in the hole because of it.

Last year, Trump pushed the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 despite having no evidence that it works and now the World Health Organization said it shouldn’t be given for the infection.

But as Kimmel noted, there were hints Trump knew all along the drug was a bust.

“When Trump got the coronavirus, you know what he didn’t take?” Kimmel asked. “Hydroxychloroquine!”

Oklahoma, however, went all-in based on Trump’s recommendation, spending $2 million to stockpile the drug ― or as Kimmel put it: “using taxpayer money to show Donald Trump how very much he means to them.”

The state is now trying to return the drug. In response, Kimmel mockingly suggested a tourism campaign around it:

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