Jimmy Kimmel Turns Trump Into Joe Exotic, AKA The 'Lyin' King'

Things are coming full circle ... of life.

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, things are coming full circle ... of life.

Ever since the debut of Netflix’s true crime/animal exploitation doc “Tiger King,” it seems like the worlds of Joe Exotic and Donald Trump keep getting closer and closer.

At a White House press conference, a reporter asked Trump if he’d pardon the incarcerated former zoo owner. Trevor Noah argued that Exotic and Trump are basically the same person. And Exotic’s legal team just rolled out a plan (and a bus) to get a formal pardon from the president.

Now, Jimmy Kimmel is bringing it all together. On Monday, the comedian’s show superimposed Trump’s face — and the faces of those in his inner circle — onto the people in “Tiger King.” In doing so, Kimmel jokingly introduced the world to its newest Netflix binge: “Lyin’ King.”

And it’s a little scary how well it works.

Hearing Trump’s own words, you could be forgiven for thinking he just can’t wait to be king. Maybe this will change his mind? At the very least, if the great kings of the past are looking down on us, they’re definitely all doing a facepalm.