Jimmy Kimmel Nails How Trump Just Went 'Completely Off The Rails' In Baffling Speech

The late-night host spots a truly strange campaign promise from the former president.

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday said Donald Trump has gone “completely off the rails” with his public statements and speeches as the former president’s string of recent flubs, gaffes and mental missteps continue to gain attention.

“To his credit, no one wants to restore on this planet ‘peace through Earth’ more than Donald Trump,” Kimmel said.

What’s that mean?

No one really knows ― but that’s what Trump said over the weekend, and Kimmel rolled the clip:

Trump also claimed there’s a “100 percent chance” of a major terrorist attack in the United States.

“He’s like a Magic Hate Ball. You just shake him up and something comes out,” Kimmel said, then asked his audience if they can imagine President Joe Biden making a similar prediction.

“No. You can’t,” Kimmel said. “You know why? ’Cuz he’s not crazy.”

See more in Kimmel’s Tuesday night monologue:

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