Jimmy Kimmel Reveals The Key Phrase Trump's 'Parade Of Ass-Kissers' Loves To Use

The late-night host found a tell used by "the real Trump sycophants."

Jimmy Kimmel spotted a tell that ex-President Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleaders in right-wing media use when speaking about him.

“Have you ever noticed the real Trump sycophants always say ‘Donald J. Trump?’” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host asked on Tuesday after playing a clip of Fox News host Laura Ingraham using the phrase. “Never just ‘Donald Trump,’ always ‘Donald J.’ as if this ‘J’ is something we should take note of.”

Kimmel also aired a supercut of right-wing media figures ― including Fox News hosts and Republican politicians ― using the “J.”

“I think he likes the J because it makes him sound more like a rich guy,” Kimmel said. He then asked rhetorically if anyone remembers former President Barack Obama’s middle initial.

“You have to think about it, right?” he said. “It’s because there isn’t a parade of ass-kissers going around saying ‘Barack H. Obama.’ In fact, the only time you hear anything about his middle name is when they want to make him sound like a terrorist.”

See his full monologue below:

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