Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Awkward Problem With Trump's Latest Desperate Email

The late-night host mocks Trump's PAC over its unusual new plea for money.

Jimmy Kimmel spotted a strange new appeal for money from Donald Trump’s PAC, which promises loyal supporters of the former president a gift of wrapping paper in exchange for a $35 donation.

“Of course he has wrapping paper,” Kimmel commented. “His specialty is covering things up. He should do nothing but sell wrapping paper.”

Photos of the wrapping paper were passed around on social media this week:

But Kimmel spotted one big problem with what he called the “Rant-a Claus” wrapping paper: It conflicts with a key GOP talking point about the economy under President Joe Biden.

“I thought there weren’t going to be any presents this year,” Kimmel said. “I thought Joe Biden’s war on Christmas had canceled it. What happened to that?”

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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