Jimmy Kimmel Just Completely Trolled Trump Supporters Into Loving Obamacare

All he had to do was change the name to Trumpcare.

Jimmy Kimmel is finally receiving praise from supporters of President Donald Trump

On Tuesday night, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host urged people to sign up for Obamacare, but with a twist: He changed the name of the program to Trumpcare. 

Kimmel didn’t crack many jokes during his pitch. In fact, he was quite sincere about it as he described the program’s many benefits and urged people to sign up during the open enrollment period. The only change was the name, which Kimmel justified by noting that the Trump administration was now in charge of the program.

What a difference five letters can make!

Now, Kimmel’s receiving praise on social media from the president’s supporters, many of whom typically haven’t been too happy with him for his Trump jokes and his efforts to save the Affordable Care Act.

See what they’re saying in the clip above and watch Kimmel’s latest ad to promote “Trumpcare” enrollment. Then, sign up yourself at



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