Unpaid TSA Agent Guesses Who's High On The Street On 'Jimmy Kimmel'

She's a victim of the government shutdown, but she got a job on the talk show to suss out the stoned in Hollywood.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of legal recreational marijuana in California, Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday hired a Transportation Security Administration agent to ferret out who’s stoned on Hollywood Boulevard.

Fatina Amina McIntosh, a TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport, got the task as part of Kimmel’s program this week to employ federal workers hurt by the government shutdown. McIntosh said she’s among government employees working without pay during the shutdown. Others are furloughed without pay.

McIntosh asked three pedestrians what they had for lunch, hoping to narrow in on which one was baked. Was it the dude who had pizza, the man who said “I had air” or the woman who ate at In-N-Out?

McIntosh got a closeup of their eyes for further evidence. But the funny clip, above, proves you can’t always tell the high from the simply high on life.