Kimmel Taunts Tucker Carlson With A Mock Honor That Could Haunt Him Forever

The late-night host offered a way to immortalize the Fox News star... if it catches on.

Jimmy Kimmel ripped Fox News host Tucker Carlson for freaking out over video of President Joe Biden coughing or clearing his throat before shaking hands.

“Did you see that? Did you see what just happened?” Carlson hyperventilated in a clip Kimmel played. “That was a crime caught on film!”

Carlson also rolled footage of Biden coughing on stage last year and was outraged that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t “arrest him” over it.

“Yeah, good one, Tuck,” Kimmel shot back. “Where are those CDC police when you need them to arrest? What a soppy bag of phlegm he is.”

Then Kimmel offered a way to immortalize Carlson.

“You know how they call women ‘Karens,'" he said. “Can we call a male Karen ‘Carlsons’ from now on?”

See more in his Wednesday night monologue: