Jimmy Kimmel Creates A Brutally Honest New Commercial For United Airlines

"We'll beat you so badly you'll be using your own face as a flotation device."

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t mincing words when it comes to United Airlines.

After the company had a man forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight, the airline sent out a statement via Twitter apologizing “for having to reaccommodate” its customers.

“That is such sanitized, say-nothing, take-no responsibility, corporate BS speak,” Kimmel said on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday night. “I don’t know how the guy who sent that tweet didn’t vomit when he typed it out.”

To show off the company’s new attitude, Kimmel created a fake commercial that includes the footage of the customer being pulled off the plane and no shortage of threats.

“We’ll beat you so badly you’ll be using your own face as a flotation device,” a flight attendant in the ad says with a smile.

Check it out above.

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