Jimmy Kimmel Exposes GOP ‘Dopes’ For Major Hypocrisy On Vaccine Passports

The late-night host rips Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night pointed out a huge flaw in Republican arguments against so-called vaccine passports, or proposed documents that would prove the bearer had been inoculated against the coronavirus and could allow entry into certain events and/or travel.

The late-night host played a clip of “terrible governor of Florida” Ron DeSantis (R) saying he was against such documentation.

“Right,” Kimmel shot back. “Which is very rich coming from the party that wants nine forms of identification before you can vote.”

“Ron DeSantis isn’t the only dope who opposes the passport,” Kimmel said.

He then played a clip in which conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called the proposed passport President Joe Biden’s “mark of the beast.”

“Poor Joe Biden,” Kimmel said. “How could you reach across the aisle when the other side thinks you have hooves?”

A number of industries have suggested that reopening for crowds could require some evidence of either a negative test for the virus or proof of vaccination against it. New York has already launched an app to show when someone has been vaccinated.

The issue, however, has become a flashpoint for Republicans.

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