Jimmy Kimmel's Health Care Chat With Kids Is Funny And Sad At The Same Time

Leave it to kids to keep it real.
06/26/2017 01:05pm ET

Jimmy Kimmel recently got some different takes on health care from an unlikely source: kids.

On Thursday, Senate Republicans offered a draft of their secretive health care bill. That night, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” acknowledged the news by showing viewers a segment in which he chatted with kids about Americans' access to medical care.

From trying to convince the kids “fried chicken pox” was a thing, to asking them whether people with money should help others access health care and getting an enthusiastic “of course,” to learning one kid wanted to be like Trump, Kimmel covered a lot of bases in the segment.

To really hammer his point home, he ended his chat with a game of musical chairs and told the kid who lost that he no longer had health care.

“How come if I lose I don’t get health care?” another kid asked.

“Well, that’s the question we’re all asking,” Kimmel said.

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