Police Officers Save Thanksgiving For Man Robbed Of Turkey Dinner

Police and dispatch officers in Bridgeport, Conn., saved Thanksgiving Day for a local man who was almost robbed of his holiday meal.

Jimmy Mulligan told WFSB that he was walking a short distance from his house on Thanksgiving night with turkey and trimmings in tow when two masked suspects confronted him.

After the confrontation, he called police to report that the robbers had made off with his wallet, including $97, and his holiday dinner.

"I was just robbed at gunpoint right there," Mulligan said in the 911 call, according to WTNH. "I was walking to a friend's house for Thanksgiving and just now they took my turkey, stuffing."

Dispatcher Denny Viera initially regarded the stolen turkey as a joke, but she soon made it her mission to salvage Mulligan's celebrations.

Officers put together a hasty office pool, collected $25, and purchased two Boston Market turkey dinners for Mulligan and his friend. And Officer Daniel Mendez personally delivered the food.

"When he gave them the meals, Danny said they were the happiest guys on earth," Viera told WFSB.

The heartwarming scene calls to mind another officer who went beyond the call of duty with an incredible act of kindness. In October, Officer Hector Marquez Jr. responded to a report of a domestic dispute in Albuquerque, but after realizing the family's children were hungry and unfed, he bought them groceries out of his own pocket.



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