Guy Takes To Balcony With An Epic Underwear Dance That Will Leave You Cheering

Jimmy Pope made us want to grab our dancing shoes last year after his roommate shared a video of him blissfully grooving to an 80s hit song while cleaning their apartment.

Now, Pope is back with yet another infectious clip -- this time featuring him shaking his tailfeather on the balcony of his apartment for all the world to see.

The video, uploaded on Jan. 19, shows Pope getting out of bed one morning to find a party raging next door. A DJ was spinning EDM hits at the event, believed to be the Stay Hungry Purple Tailgate held in Baltimore last November, as dozens of revelers milled about.

He may have just leapt out of bed, but Pope, wearing nothing but his underwear, was ready to boogy down. After casting his eyes briefly on the scene, he promptly broke into a no-holds-barred jig, eliciting a wild response from the guests (and even the DJ) below.


According to Baltimore Magazine, Pope has a day job working for the government but in his free time, he dances in a breakdancing crew known as Krewski.

With moves like that, we definitely want to see this guy dancing all day, all every day.



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