'Riverdale' Fans Can Get A 'Jingle Jangle' Fix At Trader Joe's

Don't worry, the only drug here is chocolate.

Riverdale” fans are highly amused at one of Trader Joe’s holiday treats. 

The grocery retailer went viral Thursday after a Vulture reporter wrote about a tin of holiday chocolates that it calls “Jingle Jangle,” which shares a name with a dangerous drug that’s part of a major storyline on the CW show.

Trader Joe’s describes their item as a collection of “chocolate covered ‘stuff’” named for “the sound you’ll hear as you pry open the tin.” “Riverdale” fans know it better as a mysterious substance packaged like Pixy Stix candy that will apparently “keep you up for days.”

While chocolate may seem like the most addictive substance on the planet, the Trader Joe’s version of Jingle Jangle has nothing to do with the fictional drug.

″Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle was introduced years ago,” a store representative told Vulture. “It’s just a fun name that plays off of sleigh bells referenced in Christmas carols, since it is a holiday item. It’s also a fun way to describe the sound customers might hear when they give the tin can a shake.”

That didn’t mean those obsessed with “Riverdale” were going to let it go.