Jinh Yu Knockout Of Darla Harris In MMA Bout Is A Hit (VIDEO)

This video of Jinh Yu knocking out Darla Harris doesn't have sound -- but feel free to provide your own commentary. Like "Whoa!"

In a sequence that's been dubbed by many outlets as the women's MMA knockout of the year, Yu snaps a left kick that dazes Harris then delivers a crushing left fist to her face.

Down goes Harris. Up goes the reputation of Yu, who also goes by the name Jinh Yu Frey. She's a first-year pro who's now 2-0, and she's accepting congratulations on Twitter.

The bout happened July 27 at the Sugar Creek Showdown 18 in Hinton, Okla., but the footage received widespread media notice on Tuesday.

Yu tips the scales at a mere 105 pounds but is probably feeling a lot bigger right now.

Here's Yu when she isn't dropping an opponent: