How We're Failing Children In Disaster Preparedness, By The Numbers

Children are especially vulnerable during natural disasters. We witnessed this after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when 1,833 people died, more than a million were left homeless, and 300,000 children were scattered around the country to attend new schools. In 2010, the National Commission on Children and Disasters made 81 recommendations to better protect children in a crisis. But Save the Children’s recently released National Report Card on Protecting Children in Disasters shows that very little has been done to ensure their health and safety in the decade since Katrina.

We’ve partnered with Johnson & Johnson to bring you the most striking facts from Save the Children’s 2015 report on our (un)preparedness when it comes to children and disasters.

children and disasters

Save the Children's 2015 National Report Card on Protecting Children in Disasters reveals the urgent need to better protect America's children during emergencies. Johnson & Johnson is committed to raising awareness of this need to help ensure the health and safety of children around the country. To view the full report, click here.