J.J. Redick Allegedly Had 'Abortion Contract' With Ex-Girlfriend; NBA Player Denies Getting Her Pregnant

NBA Player Had 'Abortion Contact' With Ex-Girlfriend?

Following his first season in the NBA, J.J. Redick allegedly entered into an "abortion contract" with former girlfriend Vanessa Lopez after they broke up, according to MediaTakeOut.

The website published a 2007 document that indicated Lopez was pregnant at the time and had agreed to end the pregnancy and provide proof of the abortion. The two would then try to maintain a social relationship for another year.

According to the papers, if Redick bowed out of the relationship before a year's time, he would pay Lopez $25,000 for violating the agreement; if Lopez backed out of the deal early, Redick would be off the hook.

Another term stated that the document did not constitute proof that Redick is the child's father.

Redick, who was traded from the Milwaukee Bucks to the Los Angeles Clippers a few weeks ago, took to Twitter (see the Tweets below) Wednesday night to vehemently deny that Lopez ever carried a child conceived with him and that Lopez never terminated the pregnancy of a child fathered by him. However, he did not deny the existence of such a contract or address the possibility that Lopez was perhaps pregnant with someone else's child.

The Huffington Post reached out to the Clippers for further clarification but a rep said the team would not be getting a comment from Redick.

Redick, 29, has been married to wife Chelsea since 2010. He has averaged 9.4 points per game in a seven-year career.

Lopez gained notoriety in 2010 for suing Shaquille O'Neal for allegedly harassing her after she broke off their sexual relationship.

I'd like to respond to the outrageous, false and malicious media reports regarding a prior relationship between myself and V Lopez in 2007-

— JJ Redick (@JJRedick) July 24, 2013

Ms Lopez was not and has never been pregnant with a child fathered by me.

— JJ Redick (@JJRedick) July 24, 2013

And Ms. Lopez did not and has never terminated a pregnancy of a child fathered by me.

— JJ Redick (@JJRedick) July 24, 2013

Continued attention to these lies is severely damaging to myself and my family. Thank you.

— JJ Redick (@JJRedick) July 24, 2013

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