J.J. Watt Raises Big Stink Over Super Bowl Hotel And Now Feels Like An ‘A**hole’

The former NFL superstar threw his weight around, and the result left him feeling a “dagger” in his heart.

Former NFL superstar J.J. Watt flexed his considerable might in complaining about his Super Bowl hotel gym closing so early this week ― but now he’s pumping out remorse. (Watch the videos below.)

Watt, the three-time defensive player of the year who’s on the CBS broadcast team for Sunday’s game, took to X to chastise his hotel in Las Vegas for kicking him out at 7 p.m.

“What hotel gym closes at 7 o’clock?” Watt griped in a post now viewed by millions.

“Am I wrong? Am I crazy? Because I walked out of that gym with a sweat going. ... But I feel like that is a little early to be closing down your hotel gym,” he concluded.

Watt perhaps had a point, given Sin City’s 24-hour schedule and it being Super Bowl week.

Apparently, the hotel thought so, too.

Watt later recanted in hilariously humble fashion because he said the hotel apologized profusely and extended its hours. Now he feels like he got pierced with a “dagger right to the heart.”

“Feel like an asshole,” he said.

“That is good customer service,” he continued. “Now I think I have to work out between 7 and 9 the rest of the week, which I will gladly do.”

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