J.J. Watt, NFL Star, 'Proposes' To 6-Year-Old Fan Breanna (PHOTO)

Prepare some tissues to sop up your soon-to-be-melting heart.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, NFL superstar J.J. Watt made a 6-year-old girl's day this week when he awesomely asked his pint-sized superfan for her hand in "marriage":

Little Breanna had become a bit of a viral sensation earlier this month, when a video of her crying made its rounds on the Interwebs. In the video, the little girl explains that she loves the football star and is devastated that she's too young to marry him.

"He's handsome isn't he?" an adult asks Breanna in the video.

"Mm-hmm," the child nods through tears.

Watch the full video here (story continues below):

According Yahoo! News, the video soon found its way to the Houston Texans defensive star, who began a search for the girl on social media:

On Wednesday, Watt tweeted that he had made the little girl's dream come true -- if only for a day.

"I brought her flowers, proposed to her with the Ring Pop," Watt told Yahoo! Sports Radio of the happy event. "I gave her a No. 99 jersey, a white one, to be her wedding dress for the day. It was awesome and it was great and we had our first dance to her favorite artist, Justin Bieber... It was fun, it was priceless."