J.K. Rowling Helps Astrophysicist School Troll On Climate Change Science

"The existence of Twitter is forever validated by the following exchange."

Someone get this troll some ointment, because he just got seriously burned.

Twitter user @gary4205 picked a virtual fight on Monday with respected Australian scientist Dr Katherine J Mack after she tweeted her expert opinion on climate change. And he lost badly, after Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling retweeted the astrophysicist’s smackdown with a classy zinger of her own.

The climate change denier ignored facts like the devastating damage climate change is causing to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and how it’s turning the water around us into a threat to tell the highly educated University of Melbourne scientist she needed to “learn some actual science.”

Mack and Rowling’s comebacks were magical:

One-zero to the science community.

The Twitter troll doesn’t appear to have responded to Mack’s reply, but many on social media have since subjected his remarks to a great deal of ridicule.

Here are some of the best posts on Mack’s response so far:

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