Here's How J.K. Rowling Wants To Protest Donald Trump’s UK State Visit

"I'd rather he didn't come, but if he does..."

J.K. Rowling has shared a protest plan of action should President Donald Trump make a state visit to the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, the Harry Potter author admitted via Twitter that she would “rather he didn’t come.” But if Trump is afforded the pomp and ceremony of an official trip, proposed for later this year, Rowling revealed how she wants people to demonstrate.

It involves using Trump’s own tweets about Saturday’s deadly attack in London, which killed seven civilians and injured 48, against him:

Following the attack, Trump caused controversy by misquoting and then criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Rowling joined in with the global condemnation of Trump, calling him an “alarmist blowhard.”

Fellow tweeters appeared to agree with her protest idea, and even suggested other ways to show disapproval:

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