J.K. Rowling Supports That One Big 'Harry Potter' Theory On Dumbledore

Happiness can be found even in the craziest of fan theories, if one only remembers to turn on the light -- or ask J.K. Rowling.
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We've heard help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask, and now J.K. Rowling is proving it.

The author took to Twitter recently to answer some fan questions, and it's like she took the invisibility cloak off of some big "Harry Potter" mysteries. Rowling finally revealed Hagrid's Patronus. (Apparently, he just doesn't have one.) And she even gave some details on the upcoming play, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," saying that the "cursed child" is not Tom Riddle and that releasing the name would give too much away.

That's all great, but the most exciting reveal came when a fan asked Rowling for her favorite fan theory, and her answer is so amazing it'll knock you right off your Nimbus 2000.

So what's her favorite theory?

Wow! Riddikulus, right?

The theory, which has been going around recently on Reddit and Tumblr, says Dumbledore might actually be Death, or at least represents Death, as we hear about it in the "The Tale of the Three Brothers."

In the theory, Voldemort represents the first brother. He wanted to be the most powerful wizard alive. Snape is the second brother. He lost Harry's mom, Lily, the woman he loved. The third brother is Harry, who had the invisibility cloak. And then Dumbledore represents the fourth character: Death.

Redditor Jice_Wumpkin points out evidence Dumbledore is Death, saying the wizard was in possession of all three Deathly Hallows at one point and even greets Harry "as an old friend" at King's Cross Station after the Boy Who Lived gets "killed" by Voldemort.

Plenty of "Harry Potter" theories make sense, but this one is so magical you'd think Hermione thought of it herself. Now that Rowling is adding her support, saying it "fits," we can solemnly swear that this theory is hella good.

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