Library’s Half-Baked Attempt To Lure J.K. Rowling To Book Club With Cake Totally Works

It wasn’t for a reading of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan.”

Who knew getting J.K. Rowling to come to your book club was a piece of cake?

After what may be the sweetest Twitter chat that ever was, the Orkney Library in Scotland successfully enticed the famous author to its facility for a book club meeting. The bait? Cake with lemon drizzle, Irish Examiner reports.

It all began when the library tweeted out an announcement for its Saturday Slaughters book club last weekend, when the group would be discussing The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith -- the pseudonym under which Rowling writes the Cormoran Strike novels.

Rowling, being an avid Twitter user, saw the tweet and commented:

That’s when the library made a ballsy move, urging Rowling to attend. The good-humored author didn't miss a beat and joked that she'd use a magical form of teleportation to get there.

After one more joke about Rowling’s means of transportation, the library baked up a brilliant bribe:

And just like anyone with a sugar tooth, Rowling acted accordingly:

The library, of course, stood by its offer:

Naturally no one thought Rowling would actually show up, but she did -- there’s even photographic evidence:

According to The Guardian, the library’s Twitter feed, run by librarian Stewart Bain -- who happens to be Publishers’ Publicity Circles librarian of the year -- is famous for its sharp sense of humor. Some of Bain's gems include his commentary on someone's decision to circle every Wally (or Waldo) in this book:

And his appreciation for this winner from the library’s archives:

Rowling is such a fan of the feed, that she even went out of her way to pose with that book during her visit:

All in all, although the library didn’t use a by-the-book method to get Rowling to its facility, you have to applaud this truly novel approach.



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