Ouch, J.K. Rowling Just Burned Trump Supporter Piers Morgan Bad

This man needs an Aguamenti charm, ASAP.

On Saturday, author J.K. Rowling tweeted out how delighted she was to watch British TV personality Piers Morgan “being told to fuck off” by comedian Jim Jefferies on the latest “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Growing tired of Morgan defending President Donald Trump’s travel ban during the show’s panel debate, Jefferies finally told Morgan to “fuck off.”

Then repeated it multiple times. Much to Rowling’s delight. The author enjoyed it so thoroughly, she piled on via her Twitter account.

Morgan didn’t take too kindly to being targeted, and returned fire.

Never one to back down when it comes to attacks on her beloved Harry Potter book series, Rowling responded.

Morgan was now badly beaten and hanging on the ropes, barely a leg to stand on in this fight. But Rowling wasn’t going to let him catch his breath. She wound up for her finishing move, the “Avada Ka-daaaaaamn.”

Beating level: savage.

Rest in peace, Piers Morgan’s Twitter account. It was just 6 years old.