J.K. Rowling Tries To Put Quidditch Scoring Debate To Rest For Good

The "Harry Potter" author had a blunt reply for one fan who questioned the fictional sport.

Question the scoring system of Quidditch at your own peril.

After a Harry Potter fan dared to say the rules of the fictional sport in J. K. Rowling’s fantasy series make “zero sense,” the acclaimed author hit back in blunt style.

“It makes total sense,” Rowling fired back, before explaining how the sport was an allegory for “the human condition.”

“There’s glamour in chasing an elusive lucky break, but teamwork and persistence can still win the day,” she wrote. “Everyone’s vulnerable to blows of fate and obstructive people, and success means rising above them.”

“You’re welcome,” Rowling curtly ended the post.

The explainer was well received by some fans:

But if Rowling was hoping to put the issue to bed once and for all, she was disappointed ― as others remained unconvinced:

Make up your own mind by checking out the intricacies of the “sport” on Rowling’s Pottermore website here.