J.K. Rowling Sorts New Hogwarts Students, But Teddy Lupin Isn't Happy

Even Slytherin is better than this.

"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling recently reminded the world that James S Potter, Harry's son, is finally starting up classes at Hogwarts, which everyone was obviously excited about.

Then, probably seeing the opportunity for a ton of retweets, Rowling also announced which house James was sorted into. One person was understandably less excited:

That's awesome for Potter, but wait ... Lupin is in Hufflepuff? Are you Sirius right now, Rowling? Even Slytherin is better than that.

We feel for ya, Teddy. He probably just wanted his buddy in Hufflepuff so it wasn't so lame. Robert Pattinson played Hufflepuff Cedric Diggory in the movies. Harry Potter says Diggory was killed by Voldemort, but we secretly suspect he just died of boredom. 

The young Lupin shouldn't be too disappointed, though. On the positive side, Draco Malfoy himself, actor Tom Felton, told The Huffington Post that Kanye West would be a Hufflepuff, and that guy is probably going to be president. So there's that.

Plus, just remember Dumbledore says you can find happiness "even in the darkest of times" if you remember to turn on the light. Then again, Dumbledore wasn't a Hufflepuff.


Oh, eat slugs, Hermione. 


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