J.K. Rowling Reveals The Donald Trump-Themed Item That Would Summon Her

Magic from the "Harry Potter" author.

What would it take to successfully summon J.K. Rowling?

The Harry Potter author said people need just five things in order to call her via a magic salt circle ― including a specific Donald Trump-themed item.

Yes. All that’s required is “a mug of tea, a black ink pen, Big Red chewing gum, a West Highland Terrier and something stupid Trump said.”

Rowling, who was joining in with a viral Twitter trend with her post, did not elaborate on how Trump’s comments should be brought into the circle ― leading some folks to suggest using printouts of his tweets.

The Trump-themed zing went down well with the writer’s fans:

Rowling took it upon herself to rewrite one of Trump’s angry tweets in August:

And in July, she mocked the president with the words of late English writer Lewis Carroll: