Joan Baez Tears Into 'Future Dictator' Donald Trump In New 'Nasty Man' Song

"You better talk to a shrink because you’ve got serious psychological disorders."

Joan Baez is back with “a little song about a man gone wrong.”

In “Nasty Man,” the legendary 76-year-old folk singer and activist takes aim at “future dictator” Donald Trump for “building up his evil empire.”

Baez tells the president that he “owes the Earth a pardon” before ridiculing his plans for a Mexico-U.S. border wall.

In the final verse, Baez pokes fun at Trump’s use of Twitter and predicts a time when he’s outdated.

“When the dirt on this man

finally hits the fan,

and no one gives a damn about his tweets,

he’ll be finally and forever obsolete.”

Baez posted a video of the song on Facebook Tuesday.

Despite her claiming in a Rolling Stone interview that it’s “not a good song, but it will make people laugh,” the clip has since garnered more than 2.8 million views.

Check out the full song above.

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