Joan Rivers Slams Jay Leno: "America Can Get Bored More Easily And Go To Sleep Earlier" When He's On At 10PM

Joan Rivers slammed Jay Leno Wednesday in a continuation of her 23-year fight with "The Tonight Show."

Speaking at the Television Critics Association conference in Los Angeles, Rivers said:

I think it's brilliant that Leno is at 10pm, because America can get bored more easily and go to sleep earlier," she said. "When was the last time you heard, 'Did you hear what Leno said last night?' It will be nice for the Midwest because their crops will be greener.

Rivers was appearing at the conference to promote her new TV Land show "How'd You Get So Rich?"

Her feud with "The Tonight Show" dates back to 1986, when she launched her own late night show on Fox and Johnny Carson banned her from the show. Leno never had her on during his 17-year run as host.