Joan Rivers Talks Smoking Pot With Betty White

Joan Rivers Talks Smoking Pot

Miley Cyrus was knee-deep in a Salvia-smoking scandal in 2010 and Armie Hammer was busted for possession of marijuana just last week. But it's not just the young Hollywood stars who are partaking in a little puff puff pass. Joan Rivers admits that she recently had her own run-in with the herbal remedy.

"On the first episode of our reality show, I get some plastic surgery," Joan tells me. "I've seen a few people do it on camera but they all do it in full makeup. It's so stupid. The Kardashian mom did it with eyelashes and lipstick."

But there's no smoke and mirrors when it comes to the reality of Joan's procedures.

"We really show what it is like," Joan tells me. "And then we showed afterwards which was awful. You are still high from the anesthesia. Well, I had a very difficult moment there after the surgery and I got medicinal drugs. In California you get medicinal marijuana. You go to a doctor and you say I'm blue and he says here. It's amazing, I was in shock. And I got it and I smoked it and had a great time."

But full disclosure, Joan admits that she hadn't smoked pot since the "dark ages," when she would would get high with Betty White.

"She was some slut then," jokes Joan.

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