The Nation's Joan Walsh Tears Into Mansplaining GOP Strategist

“He’s getting so much praise for what a woman could absolutely never ask for."

The Nation magazine's Joan Walsh wasn't having Republican strategist Doug Heye's mansplaining on MSNBC's "Live With Tamron Hall” Wednesday.

Hall brought up Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's insistence that he have enough "family time" if he is elected House speaker, a demand the congressman has been widely praised for making. Hall said that every parent deserves to put his or her family before work, but that it would be interesting to see the difference in the "tone" of the conversation if a woman asked for the same thing that Ryan did.

Walsh responded by making a point about gender disparities, saying Ryan's demand would not be as widely accepted if a woman in the same position asked for the same thing.

“He’s getting so much praise for what a woman could absolutely never ask for ... let’s just be real,” Walsh said.

That's when Heye jumped in to mansplain the situation to Walsh.

Heye gave the example of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), who he said is "a working mother first, and a congresswoman second."

"Come on, Doug, back off. No one is denying that," Walsh responded."But no one gets to have a leadership position and make that deal. They also don't get to have a leadership position."

Heye cut off Walsh, noting that McMorris Rodgers is the House Republican Conference chair.

"Oh my goodness, are you going to filibuster me on this?” Walsh asked. “It’s ridiculous. This is an entitled man asking for something entitled.”

Watch the clip from "Live With Tamron Hall” above.