12 Types Of Instagram Photos We Love To Hate

We post them, like them, and shamefully judge them behind our friends' backs. There's no denying the delightful allure/utterly ubiquitous nature of an Instagram photo.

But you know what's better than an Instagram snapshot? A cleverly crafted illustration series that pokes fun at the 12 most common tropes in phone photography. From the shameless selfie to the pornographic food photo, artist Joanna Zhou is here to tell you your fitness humblebrag upload is not original. (Captions come courtesy of the artist.)

1. The Workspace
This classic Instagram composition involves more apple products than a harvest festival and one artfully placed Starbucks drink.

2. The Hot Dog Legs
hot dog
A trend so good it has its own blog.

3. The Random Street Shot
Inspire your followers with dreamy filters, whimsical characters and some quirky sky phenomenon.

4. The Butt-Expensive Selfie
A carefully planned “casual” selfie prior to an event which required 3 hours of preparation. Peaks around ball or wedding season.

5. The Food Porn
Reap in likes if you can find an elusive bakery which makes a jumbo kawaii macaron ice-cream sparkle sundae.

6. The Beauty Guru
A manicure based on five different scenes from The Great Gatsby? #everybodygotimefodat

7. The Fitness Humblebrag
A casual sporty snapshot (running shoes, marathon number, yoga pose) that makes your followers wallow in self-loathing over their own lack of physical fitness.

8. The Party
Show the world what crazy fun you’re having with a very blurry, dark shot punctuated by laser beams, dancing people and someone in a creepy fur suit.

9. The Surprise Gift
An unexpected gift from your significant other must be documented on Instagram immediately! Bonus points if there’s a 3D-printed version of himself inside the bouquet.

10. The Interior Designer
A room without transparent furniture isn’t one that’s worthy of Instagram.

11. The DIY DIVA
Get crafty or die trying! Holiday season is perfect for showing off your dexterity with carving knives and paintbrushes.

12. The Photogenic Pet
If you decide to purchase an outrageously cute pet with funny fur markings or head-balancing skills, then get ready to become an Insta-celebrity overnight.

For more on Joanna Zhou, check our her Instagram and twitter.