Joanne Arnett's Woven Mug Shots Toughen-Up A Delicate Art

Egyptian artist Ghada Amer's erotic embroidery and Shelia Hicks's impressive fiber constructions prove that textile art is no longer for prim and proper ladies.

Joanne Arnett continues to push the envelope by creating strikingly realistic mugshots from warp and weft, which we first saw on Juxtapoz. The simple titles of her works correspond to the subject's sentence -- for example, "Six Months Prohibition" and "Thirty Hours Community Service." (The time frames, we imagine, could also indicate how long it took to create these detailed portraits!)

Scroll through the slideshow below to see Arnett's hand-crafted criminals, and let us know what you think of her intricate works in the comments below.

Joanne Arnett's Woven Mug Shots