15 Times Joanne The Scammer Was The Messiest B***h Alive

Honestly, truly.
Super Deluxe

Joanne the Scammer , the internet personality who puts the “con” in iconic, may have just pulled her biggest stunt, yet, when she pumped faked us all into believing Drake and Rihanna had a big announcement coming.

A website with the domain DrakeandRihanna.com appeared online Tuesday. The site showed a countdown clock and Drake’s 6 God logo, leading many to assume the two were up to something big ― especially after all eyes have been on them and their speculated relationship since Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Shortly after the site appeared, sources revealed to multiple outlets it was a fraud and a video of Joanne replaced the countdown.

“I made this goddamned account because I am very pissed off,” the scammer says in the video produced by Super Deluxe. She continues by “breaking up” with Drake over giving Rihanna all of his attention at the awards show. “I waited so long to take a f****g selfie with you but you weren’t there to take it. But you come out for Rihanna? I’m prettier and more iconic.”

Months before Joanne was crashing the VMAs, however, she was inspiring us all to scam via her Instagram account (which has amassed 1 million followers) run by the genius behind the personality, Branden Miller.

Joanne ― who spawned from a character Miller created as a teenager, Miss Prada ― has inspired the internet masses to tap into their inner messy b***h and shout from the mountaintops that drama is their lifeblood.

As she gains popularity via embezzlement and offensive remarks, it’s hard to not fall in love with her icy gray death stare that turns into a smirk once she’s got you right where she wants you.

As an ode to the Caucasian woman (honestly, truly), here are 15 moments that prove no one will ever top this messy ass queen.

1. When an employee caught her stealing party supplies but she reminded him of his place in life.

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2. When she showed us how to make the perfect getaway when breaking and entering a Caucasian home.

Super Deluxe

3. When she hacked a major publication in record time.

4. When she had a good reason to not text back.

5. When she was doing us all a favor by hacking FAFSA until her ex interrupted her.

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6. When she showed us her version of feminism.

7. When she treated herself to some Waffle House.

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8. When she channeled Beyoncé for self-gain.

9. When she had to remind us of her racial background and place in life with her own show tune.

10. When she got an honest side job.

11. When she helped enlighten a group of children.

Teaching the children at Sunday school about a wonderful topic today, can't wait to send them back into the world.

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12. When she called on a higher power to deal with her haters.

13 When she answered questions from the middle class.

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14. When she gave us some necessary motivation.

15. When she let us know in December 2015 what she was all about but we weren’t prepared.

A video posted by Branden miller (@iambranden) on

Basically, Joanne is goals af. Never change, sis.

Super Deluxe

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